Status of children in Nepal

Nepal is an example of shrine in natural beauty and resources, but different factors have played different roles leading Nepal not being a prosperous nation while an abundance of such resources are available. Though there are sufficient natural resources in this nation, its people are financially compelled to live a life of poverty. Poverty has caused a lack of education, health and nutrition among the different societies of this nation and is one of the reason of the hardship of the children in Nepalese society. NHCPS has been established with the aim to decrease the rate of such problems and increase the rate of prosperity of children which are existing in Nepalese society.

The government of Nepal has played a crucial role to improve the status of children. Similarly different governmental, non-governmental and international non-governmental organizations have played major roles for the improvement of the status of the children in Nepal. Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, though its different departments, divisions and other units, has made different acts and laws for the improvement of life condition of Nepalese children. International non-governmental organizations like Save the Children USA, UK, Japan, Norway, etc also have given historical contributions for the improvement and prosperity of children in Nepal. Although despite these actions, a huge number of children are living a life of brutal condition either in rural or in urban societies.
Establishment of local non-governmental organizations with aim to work in this sector is then required. Even if such organizations can not completely eradicate such problems, they can play a vital role for the improvement of the Nepalese children's life conditions.