Volunteer with us!

Have you ever dreamed about traveling to Nepal or about giving help to the children in need?.. It’s time for your intentions to come true!

Join us and volunteer in Nepalese orphanage in Lalitpur (Kathmandu) by helping to those who need it most of all!

NHCPS warmly welcomes the kind and gracious personalities willing to help the needy and helpless children with their skills, knowledge and ideas for the prosperity of their future.

Of course not all the days are the same, but here is a quick overview of what a common day looks like in our orphanage:

1. Wake up in the morning and quick cleaning of the house and surroundings
2. Help children with their homework and take breakfast
3. Distribute the meal
4. After meal, make them brush their teeth
5. Help the children to wear their school uniforms
6. Bring them to school
7. Clean kitchen, utensils and rooms of the children
8. After finishing the work then you'll have free time. In that time, if you want to, we can work in office for promoting the orphanage
9. Bring the children back home from school
10. Snacks at home and playing time. Then, we have to teach and help them to do their homework
11. Once dinner is ready we have to serve the dinner to the kids
12. Make the kids brush their teeth, clean utensils and clean the kitchen
13. Go to bed

If you feel interested in this altruistic work, you can directly contact us by e-mail or phone or access our Workaway profile.